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Entering your company Information


You will be using the Company info tab to enter your company's information

you will be asked:

Company Name:
This is the name of your company it will be displayed on invoices.
Company Address:
this is the company mailing address . It will appear on invoices.
Enter your company City .It will display on invoices
enter the state in which your company is located
enter your company's zip code
enter your company country here
enter your company phone number here . It will be displayed on invioce
Fax :
enter your fax number here .It will be displayed on invioces
sales tax:
enter the sales tax rate for the area your Company is location. It will work inconjuction with the state you enter and calculate the appropriate sales tax.
e-mail :
enter the e-mail address that you want to be notified about new  orders. it may look like(sales@yourcompany.com)
main web address:
enter your main web address here . This is the site that you will be linking from to get to your eCatalogorder site.

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