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E-Commerce Tutorial         Overview and Introduction                         by Kevin Hakman


The recent dot-bust has forced many e-business outfits to either shut down or come up with a new strategy that works in a cost-conscious marketplace. So starting an e-business right now may seem daunting, but if you make the right decisions in your design and setup, you'll certainly improve your chances for success.

In just five easy lessons, this tutorial will show you

  • How to generate a realistic e-business plan;
  • Create a site design that caters to your online customers;
  • Deal with things like credit cards, tax, shipping, and security; and
  • Decide whether you should build, buy, or rent an e-commerce solution to manage your site's transactions.

You'll also learn how to attract new customers by refining your marketing programs.

Before you get your feet dirty, however, you'll need a solid plan of attack. So let us tell you everything you need to consider before beginning your snazzy new e-business.


    One of the most popular Internet myths claims that building an online store is easy: All the customer has to do is point, click, and buy! But in reality, successful e-commerce is far more complex and unlike any other web site project you may have tackled in the past.

    Before that first cyber-buck finds its way into your bank account, you need to do considerable research and planning. That's where this tutorial comes in. We'll help you jump-start your brain and get you thinking about all the issues that need addressing before you can put together a successful online business plan. You get all this in just five easy lessons!

Lesson 1: Getting Started and Making a Plan
When it comes to getting your e-commerce site started, don't just dive right into the deep end. Instead, get your feet wet with an advance plan.

Lesson 2: How to Sell, Sell, Sell !
To find out which online sales techniques best suit your business and products, look and learn from the different approaches employed by companies that have already taken the online business plunge.

Lesson 3: Transactions
Roll up your sleeves and get technical with the nitty-gritty of transactions, credit cards, tax, shipping, integration with fulfillment systems, and customer service.

Lesson 4: Build, Buy, or Rent?
There are lots of prepackaged e-commerce solutions out there. Before you decide which one makes the most sense for you, take a look at the technology issues related to doing business online.

Lesson 5: Building your Customer Base
Well, your site's built, but that doesn't mean your work's finished. Now you need to get paying customers to come in. Learn how to attract new customers by improving the effectiveness of your marketing programs and fine-tuning your site.

Let's get started:


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